This website is dedicated to the Feature Film about Dummy Hoy, one of the first Deaf Major League Baseball Players.


He Made Thousands of Fans Cheer, But Never Heard One.


Learn where the hand signals in baseball came from.  Learn the history of one of the greatest players of his time.  Dummy Hoy didn't just break records, he made them.  Records that still stand in baseball today.


William "Dummy" Hoy played from 1886 to 1903 and was considered a "Flyhawk" of his time. He stood only 5'4", played centerfield and had an arm like a cannon. In one game he threw out three runners at home plate without an assist. As if being short was not enough of a challenge, William Hoy was also Deaf.  In the 1800's Deaf people were called Deaf and Dumb (not today) and looked down upon. But William took on the name of Dummy Hoy and embraced it.

Dummy Hoy showed everyone what he was capable of doing and broke the "Prejudicial Barrier" well before Jackie Robinson.


This inspirational story tells of the trials and tribulations of the first Deaf Major League Baseball Player along with his contributions to the game of Baseball. Dummy Hoy showed us that no matter what your circumstance, if you have the will to overcome it, you can.


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